WELCOME .....An Architect's Mission

With a little imagination the photograph above tells the story of the Architect's primary commitment.

Simply stated......to integrate the large number of important, complex and competing Design Determinants so that the result, at a minimum, meets the Project's Goals. These goals can and do vary.
The goal of some buildings is to be extraordinarily innovative. The more modest expectation of many.......is to satisfy a frequently long list of needs in an economical way.

Identifying, evaluating, coordinating these issues and designing a solution that fits all these blocks of requirements together is the all consuming responsibility of each Architect: Creative Visionary or Able Tradesman. You could say, this is what defines a good building.
Though frequently debated, our view is that Architecture ...... should first be a good building. A structure whose basic requirements are organized and balanced.

We also believe that a quality building which also possesses an architectural experience, is the higher measure of success. The House of a Samurai above, is a well made building.....but through it's designit also possesses the spirit of the Samurai.