SELECT PROJECTS Select Projects are intended to help Owners get a representative overview of the quality and character of our work. These are chosen from a larger group of Completed, In Progress, Pending and in a few instances Unbuilt Designs. Hopefully, the photos presented communicate the feeling of each place. Certain projects are limited in scope, cost and the complexity of their various program requirements. A few are significant for the degree that they successfully coordinate more detailed and complicated Owner needs. Common to both is the same commitment to achieving a practical, appropriate and memorable result with an enjoyable process.
DEER PARK RESIDENCE Interior + Exterior Full Redesign The original 5,000 SF residence, dating from the 1960's, required a significant redesign of the exterior, floor plan and technical systems. Its new Owners, an Attorney and Professor, imagined that it could possess a much better fit for their family's lifestyle as well as a more sensitive visual character throughout. The building features an entirely open composition for all public spaces on the main upper level. Custom designed furniture, stained glass screens and decorative botanical tile work enhance the interiors. Natural stone paved walkways, terraces, decks and extensive landscape plantings ornament the gently sloping 1 acre property.
EVANSTON RESIDENCE Interior + Exterior Redesign Situated along Lincoln Street, unique in this community for its uncommonly deep setbacks, this early 1920s home occupies 2 city lots. The Owners had recently completed a major renovation nearby and moved quickly to acquire this special property. They envisioned a comprehensive renewal encompassing all Electrical,Plumbing,HVAC and other building systems, along with a new 1 1/2 story addition and circular auto court. As a very organized family of 6 they provided the Architect with a detailed statement of project requirements, which facilitated completing the design and documentation very quickly and contributed to the success of an accelerated construction process.
WILMETTE RESIDENCE New Interior Design + Remodeling This new condominium apartment finished construction in late 2007 and is distinctive among its Northshore neighbors for ility.[Ludwig Mies van der Rohe] The Owner's desire was to accits 10'-0" ceilings, 100% glass exterior and refined Miesian sensibommodate a large collection of early 20th Century modern furniture by Le Corbusier, Mies, Herbst, Gray, Breuer and others which aligned with the Bauhaus-like feeling of the base building. Small in scale, lightweight and characterized by an open structural frame these classic furniture designs also maximize the more tightly dimensioned spaces typical of modern construction. Accents of color belong exclusively to the art in the form of Japanese Ceramics, Scrolls and Woodblock Prints. Hardwood floors anchor the entire home and introduce a warm natural undertone which softly contrasts with the furnishings.
BARRINGTON RESIDENCE New Pool House Floor plans, material selections, architectural details, sustainability features and numerous other primarily visual decisions are ordinarily the focus of most building projects. In this community comprised mainly of larger properties, many surrounding a multi-acre retention pond the central concern of a great many Owners is......Zoning. The Owners of this particular property sought to build an architecturally compatible Pool House, much in the manner of their existing home. Therefore, many of the decisions about design were pre-established and as the program for this building was small and straightforward, concept design was completed quickly. The challenge in this case was securing approval, not for the appearance, height, location or any other design related issue, but the very construction of a "Detached Accessory Structure." The covenants were the subject of detailed community debate, however in the end the team and the Owners were successful.
CENTRAL PARK WEST RESIDENCE Interior Full Redesign Conversion of 3 individual units to a single 2000 SF Co-op Apartment. Balancing the complete openness of a loft with the practical separation of distinct rooms.....all with views to Central Park was among the most important design goals for this renovation and remodeling. The complex zoning ordinances related to this particular co-op, along with the inherent challenges of construction in New York City made this a uniquely demanding project. A variety of pocket doors, sliding wall panels, motorized screens and furniture elements created the changing identity of the space from a totally open plan to one of traditional partitioned rooms. More significant than the design was its location next to the co-op belonging to Jerry Seinfeld.
WINNETKA GARDEN Bonsai Collection Display + Landscaping A closely bounded rear yard, patio and walkway were reconfigured to create the most private of private gardens....a Bonsai Garden. The Owners collection contains over 100 trees consisting of 40 different species of White Pine, Japanese Maple, Spruce, Larch, Gingko among many other varieties. A brick paved court is employed to style and maintain the specimens and also to relax and view the works in progress, as a Bonsai is forever developing. Wood, stone, water, lawn, sun and shade are the only other elements.
MINNESOTA RESIDENCE New Custom Home + Gardens The proposed design for a new single story home located in Southeastern Minnesota provides 6500+SF organized informally corresponding to the Owners' desire for convenience, practicality and flexibility. Square footage, in this instance, is not intended to make any statement, rather to welcome and entertain a large family, which continues to grow. Though it is not uncommon for a 50+ person gathering of friends to arrive with a few hours notice the design expresses a a calmer appearance to balance the energy of this family's very active life. Public, private and semi-private spaces are achieved by virtue of different wings which radiate from the core living spaces: Kitchen, Informal Dining, Gathering, Media and Hearth Rooms. Courtyard + Garden spaces between the wings offer both social and sanctuary spaces. This concept is still evolving and at one point in the process was adapted to a prototypical lakefront site.
LAKE FOREST RESIDENCE New Custom Home + Courtyard Gardens Traditional estates located in this storied residential lake side community count among the architectural hallmarks of domestic design in America. The historical styles which inspire them are familiar: English Country, Tudor, Chateauesque, Greek Revival and more. Though differing in ornamentation, materials and massing profiles they are predominantly defined by a powerful central form......the Main House. Flanking wings and secondary masses can be found as well, however overwhelmingly the intention is to impress with sheer volume. The "Katsura House" looks to the Owner's affinity for Japanese culture. Specifically, the Villa Katsura or Katsura Detached Palace. Though comparable in total square footage, the character of its design is more a grouping of smaller structures. Their primary planning principle is not so much to be looked at as to "view from." Here the elevated modular platforms, like at Katsura, are enclosed, semi-enclosed and open to terraces and courtyards as well as to surrounding garden views. It is planned to be added to and to move in and out among the sites natural features.
NORTHSHORE PRIVATE CLUB New Interior Design + Renovation This classic 1900's Golf Club located in a Northshore Chicago community has a surprising and rare sporting facility situated on the golf course itself.....a trap, skeet and sporting clays shooting range and clubhouse. Originally a somewhat utilitarian structure, it provided basic shelter and comfort for members of the Gun Club, whose activities are enjoyed during the Winter months. A new plan was proposed to upgrade the basic building services while re-imagining the shooting, dining, gun storage and cleaning functions as well as the Manager's and food preparation areas. The principal goal was to provide for more capacity in an improved layout. Additionally, complementing the quality of the Main Clubhouse would contribute to the overall quality of the club. To the good humored chagrin of the Gun Club regulars the new building has become "too" popular with non-shooters.
WISCONSIN RESIDENCE New Guesthouse + Studio On a beautiful, but cold lake in Northern Wisconsin there is a remarkable home designed by Helmut Jahn. The two last images present an evening view from the lake and the Entrance Deck which frames the view in the opposite direction. The main structure has a very strong geometric presence. In contrast, this modest cottage scaled Guesthouse is situated near the Entry Bridge at the edge of the forecourt. The Owners anticipated that their guests would welcome the privacy of this detached guest suite after experiencing the almost completely open character of the main house. After completing work on the "Cube House" as it was called, the Owners invited me, Mr. Jahn's assistant then [1982], to design this addition. Color, materials and the signature square geometry, though not gridded, establish the appropriate relationship between the two structures. The interior is composed of 5 distinct areas....open, yet defined by a central fireplace.
GLENVIEW RESIDENCE New Home + Gardens There are many geographically extraordinary properties in the Northshore area; the lakefront, bluffs, ravines, streams and sites that bound forest preserves. This address is one of these and the parcel itself, more than 4 acres, has all the qualities of the preserve. The Owners, very sensitive caretakers of this landscape, go to great effort to maintain a sense of wilderness with few signs of man made intervention. As a result, the concept design proceeded with a view to understating the presence of the new construction. High quality natural materials in the form of stone, slate roofing, stained wood trim helped ensure that the new home would harmonize with the existing environment. A photomontage depicting a glimpse of the house through the trees expresses the spirit of the design.......a natural appearance contributing to the site, allowing it to be seen and appreciated in new ways.
MOBILE C.A.R.E. FACILITY New Headquarters + Fleet Operations Center Mobile C.A.R.E. Foundation has a mission to deliver asthma relief care and education to school children and Head Start facilities throughout Chicago via a fleet of mobile medical vans. Through improved control over their asthma, children are healthier and happier and their family’s quality of life is improved. Currently, administrative offices and the "Asthma Vans" themselves operate from separate buildings resulting in a compromised efficiency. A New Concept Design has been developed to assist with fund raising activities which unifies the two principal functions. The new headquarters and fleet center are designed to provide for the optimal delivery of their core mission with greater safety and effectivenes. Further, a new structure and site permit the opportunity to project a stronger and more positive presence within its community appropriate to the foundation and its values. The project is pending the completion of its capital program.