PROFILE D/D...... at the age of 18, began working in the architectural and engineering offices of CF Murphy + Associates located in Chicago. Upon completion of the Master of Architecture program at the Yale School of Architecture under Cesar Pelli in 1979, he rejoined Murphy / Jahn Architects. As a Senior Architect he assisted Helmut Jahn in the design of a variety of large scaled projects, including numerous high rise office buildings in Philadelphia, Houston, Minneapolis, San Francisco and New York. Among these was the 60 story, 1.5 million SF mixed use complex known as Liberty Place located in downtown Philadelphia. A design which transformed the city’s future skyline by exceeding the long-standing height limit established by the statue of Ben Franklin atop the Philadelphia City Hall.

Following his appointment in 1987 as Design Director for the 100 person, New York office of HOK, he completed designs for over 125 buildings, including facilities for education, sports, hotels, convention and conference centers, retail and mixed use complexes, healthcare and research buildings, airport, railway and intermodal transportation facilities, corporate and commercial office buildings, courthouses and residential high-rises. Among the more notable projects were designs for the transformation of the New York Post Office, to serve as the new flagship station for Amtrak at Penn Station, the New York headquarters for the Unites States Environmental Protection Agency and a mixed use / office and retail complex consisting of 2 • 40 story office towers in Shanghai....all competition winning designs.

Returning to Chicago in 1998 after 12 years in New York, he provided consulting services to a variety of architectural firms and in 2002 formed Daniel Dolan / Architects PC to focus on smaller projects, which permit a personal expression that often times can be difficult to achieve in larger buildings. The scale of work ranges from new single family residences, smaller commercial and institutional structures, remodelings/renovations, to interior and garden design. This is especially rewarding work made all the more meaningful and memorable by the many Owners who have become friends in the process of making their new building.