Many of the Owners who commission an Architect to design a new building or remodel an existing one are very capable and knowledgeable people who could most likely list many of the activities that occur when designing the project..

Those who have gone through the experience can also describe the Process.....which tasks are the most important and in what order they should be performed..

Before beginning any endeavor as involved as building a building, it is of value to have a clear
understanding of the significant technical, artistic, financial and most of all, personal issues that comprise a custom designed or renovated building project.

Professional Architectural Design Services are a sequential, goal-oriented and collaborative method of problem seeking and problem solving. These are both logical and intuitive, linear and cyclical, rigorous and spontaneous.

Architecture projects by their very nature require the systematic evaluation of an almost mind-numbing amount of detail along with the
creative enthusiasm to transform it into a place that is functional and enjoyable.

While many large design projects have numerous phases, the average building can be most simply understood as requiring 3 essential phases, without sacrificing any thoroughness or completeness that all projects demand.

In the attached Owner's Guide the Design Process is revealed to be based on Planning, Documentation+ Construction. Explore it in full or just those topics which are of greatest interest.