Most Design Services are customarily provided during our 3 Phase organization of an Owner's project: Planning, Documentation + Construction. Special Services are also available, examples of which are noted in the list at right.

During the Planning Phase the important activities are focused on the following tasks: 1]Information Gathering, 2]Idea Generating and 3]Decision Making. We are learning all about the projects design criteria, proposing alternative design options and ultimately, selecting one or more to
proceed with or examine further.

In the Documentation Phase we are preparing drawings which will communicate clearly, concisely and correctly our design intentions to the Consultants and Contractors responsible for construction.

Project Administration of the Construction Phase follows a precise sequence of procedures which can only succeed when the Owner, Architect and Contractor function as a Team. A detailed outline of these activities is defined in the Owner's Guide.
Design Services Basic + Special Services*
• Architectural Design
• Interior Design
• Garden Design
• Feasibility Studies
• Site Evaluation
• Existing Facility Analysis
• Project Program Definition
• Building / Zoning / Energy
Code Reviews
• Estimates of Probable Cost
• Zoning and Community
Board Approvals
• Sustainable Design +
Green Building Practices
• Contract Documents
[Construction Drawings +
• Graphic Design*
• Digital Renderings*
• 3Dimensional Models*
• Video Animations*
• Lighting Design*